Black Culture Center Digital Archive

Given the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Swarthmore Black Cultural Center (BCC) in 2020, Dean Dion Lewis, the Dean of the Junior Class and the Director of the Black Cultural Center, has expressed interest in creating a digital archival of the Black Cultural Center’s history. An easily accessible archival does not currently exist, blocking an important part of Swarthmore’s history to the public.

Our goal is to begin the groundwork for the creation of an interactive digital timeline of the BCC and black student life on Swarthmore campus. Archiving all existing records and information is beyond the scope of this project, an extensive effort that will continue over the years. To support this, our work involves making decisions regarding the metadata and schema used to structure the database and entries in it. We are using the Omeka web-building platform, well suited for archival development, and incorporating HTML5 and CSS3 styling as necessary. We will be creating an Omeka instance with a few examples of the documents uploaded onto it. By building the framework of the database, with clear instructions about our process and how to add to the instance, this project will continue to be accessible to further development.