Digital Scholarship at Swarthmore encompasses a growing range of collaborative projects that share a set of basic commitments. To range freely across disciplines and across campus resources. To connect our community—faculty, students and staff—as well as communities beyond Swarthmore. To make critical use of digital networked technologies to engage and document scholarship as a process.



We help with project planning at any stage of the process, whether a half articulated idea or the next phase of a competitive national grant. We work with faculty and students on projects of any scale, from classroom assignments to independent studies, from semester-long projects to multi-year, multi-institutional endeavors. Among other areas, we have expertise in data management, web development and design, data visualization, text analysis and project management.


We connect faculty and students with the people and resources, both on and off campus. We work closely with ITS, student centers, academic departments and others and will either provide ourselves or help find the expertise and infrastructure necessary for most projects, regardless of department, regardless of apparent simplicity or complexity.


We provide technical and critical instruction for specific tools and pieces of software as well as more general best practices. We work with classes, project teams, individual students and faculty, staff members, independent studies and faculty seminars.


For projects that already have committed support, we help assemble and manage teams to approach projects at a variety of sizes and shapes, from finding qualified students to setting up development environments and workflows for collaboration.


Depending on the project and resource availability, we may also be available to offer custom development. When we are able, we like to encourage projects that are ambitious or experimental or that have specific requirements that do not easily fit into existing platforms.